Prevalence, clinical characteristics, and risk factors for breast cancer in asymptomatic adults

Iris ( Zacellari ) KALEMAJ, Mirgen ZACELLARI


Background & Objectives: Our aim was to assess the prevalence of breast cancer among women screened in screening program during march2012 –march2015 Tirana Albania. To evaluate the value of routine physical examination in asymptomatic adults.

Methods: We checked women breast for cancer before there are signs or symptoms of disease. A total number of 26744 women were screened during 2012-2015. We did Breast physical exam as a careful manual examination of the breast. We provided health history including menstrual and pregnancy history and we looked at their breast for changes.

Results: Breast cancer is[i] a malignant proliferation of epithelial cells lining the ducts or lobules of breast.

Interpretation & Conclusions: The most common tumor in women, breast cancer is hormone dependent. Estrogen replacement therapy may slightly increase the risk.


Key Words: Breast Cancer, screening, estrogen hormones



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