Background & Objectives: In everyday work we deal with chronic diseases and for chronic patients is very important medical therapy, but an imperative role in their health is also diet habit. As the chronic diseases have increased in recent years.

Methods: We examined patients over 18 years old registered in the policlinic no 5 Tirana and we find their prevalence percentages. Also we did a study for  these patient we suggested  full interruption of tobacco consumption, diet with fruits and vegetables,  increasing activity,  limiting alcohol consumption hypertension.

Results: Prevalence in Policlinic Nr 5 in Tirana for chronic diseases are cardiac system 58% ,Debate Mellitus29%,  Reomatizmal disease 6%Broncial asthma 4.3%,renal insuficiency0.1% hereditary .

Interpretation & Conclusion: More affected  by these diseases are age 40-65 years. in these patient It was noted  that the way of nutrition is closely related to health  performance also hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity. are very important.

Keywords: chronic disease, dyslipidemia, hypertension, diabetes mellitus



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