Correlation Between Metabolic Syndrome and Prevalence Obesity in Albanian Population

Iris Zacellari Kalemaj


Objectives & Background: As the obesity is one of the most common disorders in medical practice associated with significant increases of both morbidity and mortality and in Albania there is not known the prevalence of obesity and correlation between obesity and metabolic syndrome I make these study to estimate prevalence of obese patients.

Methods: We chose random patients  for study  among registered  population near health center number 10 Tirane, Albania.

We measured height and weight and calculated BMI and among them, we took historical information about age , family history of obesity, and other diagnosis. we selected those with metabolic syndrome among obese patients and calculated the percentages.

Results: Obesity main factor for metabolic syndrome among 40-60 year old patients especially woman .

Interpretation & Conclusion: In  2930 screened individual 28.7 were obese and among obese patient at age 40-60 years 54% of obese patient have metabolic syndrome.

Keywords: obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular, diabetes mellitus


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